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Saved by my sling! October 14, 2010

When Erin was a baby it was fairly easy. I only had her to worry about. I could sit around and be with her, and yes, I had to do housework and cooking but it wasn’t that pressing since if Steven was there he’d do it and if he wasn’t I’d eat/clean when she was asleep. I made a sling with Erin was not absolutely ideal and she didn’t like it much, I didn’t persevere as I could just hold her instead.

But this time around it’s all different…I have a toddler to keep an eye on, play with, feed, etc and I honestly don’t know how mums cope without a sling.  Ayla absolutely LOVES the sling and prefers going to sleep in it to going in her pram or our bed.  She can hear my heartbeat, feel the warmth of my body and smell me.  I can have her close, know that she’s safe, feel her snug warmness, kiss her head and get on with daily life with Erin.

It’s also much easier than trying to get a pram in and out of shops if you’re in town, nevermind being so much nicer for both of you.  Teach your partner and friends to use it too! Ayla has been carried around in our sling by 6 people so far…it’s one sure fire way of chilling her out and it’s a lovely thing to share with close friends & family too!

I had someone in the shop scowl at me and ask me if she thought babies were REALLY comfortable in “those things”.  I pointed out that I didn’t think my baby would be sleeping soundly if she was uncomfortable.  Getting shopping done without crying is such a bonus…

Do yourself a favour if you are a mama-to-be and get yourself one!! The one I use is called a Close baby carrier and is made from soft organic cotton. It is similar to a wrap sling except it is easier to use as you don’t have to remember special ties etc.  I bought it second hand (but it looked new!) by joining the UK Babywearing swap group which also has lots of information on the different slings.

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3 Responses to “Saved by my sling!”

  1. tenure.track.mommy Says:

    I love slings (especially the Moby…what a lifesaver!), but I think my favorite baby carrier is my Ergo. So much easier on my back now that my daughter is 14 months old 🙂

    • I’m hoping to get an Ergo!! Close baby is still great but I’m nearing the stage where I’d prefer her to go on my back sometimes. Cooking with her on my front, now that she’s grabbing things, can be a bit scary!! x

      • KATE Says:

        I had a close and for the first 7 – 8months of Lilly’s life i wore it almost all day every day. I had a few negative reactions from people, but most were in awe of the idea. I had a few older ladies say they wished they had had a sling as babes looks so quiet and comfortable. After the Close i moved on to a mei-tei style and used this daily until she was 14months. We still use it now at 22 months for long walks on the beach, it never fails to get her asleep. We even put my older daughter in it (she’s 4 1/2) if she gets tired on a long walk, she thinks it’s great fun and loves to feel a bit like a baby again just for a short while.
        I am such a fan of slings and wish it was more main stream, i’m sure more mum’s would like to wear them if they didn’t feel like they were standing out from the crowd. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing and hearing a rigid baby screaming in a pram.
        Love and light. X

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