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Childbirth Hypnotherapy October 20, 2010

When I was about 35 weeks pregnant with Ayla I started to feel slightly nervous about my birth and decided to look into Childbirth hypnotherapy.  I found out that it was probably too late (and I was probably too disorganised) to get on a course in time.  I’ve heard of people who have had “pain-free” labours as a result.  I was worried that it would make me feel like I wasn’t in control, but apparently it does just the opposite.

I’m not sure exactly how hypnotherapy works but I think it is a lot about positive affirmations and not using words that cause fear…eg. “contractions” become “surges”.  The power of the mind is amazing.

The Hypnobirthing Centre runs courses in London and surrounding areas, but have Hypnobirthing relaxation and breastfeeding CDs and downloads for those of us further away.  They even offer teacher training course.  The Hypnobirthing Centre has a fantastic reputation and I will definitely be looking into them for next time!!!


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