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Aylas shenanigans & Potion Making… January 28, 2011

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Happy New Year everybody!!

So far it’s been a busy one, as ever. With an almost 3 year old, and a 7 month old, life is never dull!  Little Ayla has started crawling, is pulling herself up to standing and I think she is cutting her top teeth – although I can’t see or feel them yet!  Her amber necklace and Nelsons Teetha seem to be helping loads though. After hours of being restlessness yesterday I decided to give her a Teetha and she went straight to sleep! Praise to the wonderful Chamomilla!

Speaking of Chamomilla, yesterday Jane & I made some creams to trial, as we’re having a  herb growing mission this year.  We made a soothing cream from beeswax, chamomile, marigold & comfrey – this will be to treat nappy rash, bruises, eczema, scrapes, rashes, cuts, sores, stings, bites..just about anything on the skin.  We also made a deep heat/tiger balm type cream that can be used on aching muscles or as a decongestant.  Exciting stuff! Herbs are amazing and I’d much sooner use something natural on myself and my family then smother ourselves in chemicals and other nasties.  Check out Nature’s Mother wonderful herbs for pregnancy here.

So…not only is Ayla crawling, but she is now eating! She’s not as big a foodie as Erin was, but she’s showed a preference to finger foods over mushy food. The only mushy food she’d eat up until last week was baby rice mixed with water.  (Thankfully I discovered Organix’s organic wholemeal baby rice…yay! It did not feel right giving her Cow & Gate non-organic white rice. It takes pesticides to grow non-organic rice, and a lot of the vitamins & minerals are removed from white rice during processing.)  However she will now have a little pureed fruit mixed in with her baby rice, but I am happy for her to eat finger foods as much as she’d like.  There are lots of things about  baby led weaning that make a lot of sense.


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