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Magic Bumpers February 2, 2011

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Since Erin sleeps in a box room with lots of wooden furniture and her bed is quite high off the ground, we decided we needed bed guards of some sort. After a little research we found these, and they are so great that I have decided to stock them!  Have a look here

Magic Bumpers are firm polyurethane foam wedges designed to go under the fitted sheet and mattress pad as a safer and easier alternative to traditional bed rails. The foam has a non-slip surface that stays in place when under a mattress pad.

The bumper is very lightweight which makes handling and travel much easier. Each foam wedge is 13cm wide, 13cm high and 60cm long. This item contains two bumpers which will make one 120 cm bed rail. They are pale green in color and designed to be placed in pairs along either side of the bed.

They fit any size bed because you can place as many as needed or easily cut off extra foam. It is easier to make the bed with the bumpers since the bed covers just go overtop of the bumpers. They are high enough to keep most children from rolling out of bed, but small enough to fit under a standard sheet. The foam is comfortable and easy for little ones to climb over.

Technical Details:

  • No Assembly – the foam wedge is placed under the bedding in 1 minute
  • Secure and Stable – the non-slip surface of the foam keeps it in place
  • Child Friendly – there is no entrapment space between the bed and bumper
  • Parent Friendly – does not get in the way of bedtime stories
  • Easy Storage and Travel – foam bumper weighs 1 lb.

AND They are only £11.99! Click here to go to shop!


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