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Spring has sprung March 11, 2011

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Birds are building nests, there’s a few bees around, the daffodils are out but the weather can’t quite make up it’s mind yet – although we have had some LOVELY sunny days.

Life is busy on the farm…here is some of what has been happening:

  • The broad beans are pushing through the soil in our outdoor beds.
  • The first early potatoes are in the ground (some in the polytunnel and some outdoors)
  • The wind turbine has arrived…we will soon have free electricity!
  • The propogators & greenhouse have gone crazy…most things are coming through now. We’ve been sowing things in the polytunnels too!
  • Ayla has been crawling for a while and is now pulling herself up on things & enjoying trying out walking (just holding our hands still!) She’s 8 and a half months now. Still only 2 teeth!!
  • Erin is enjoying kindergarten at Zelda School, which is a Steiner inspired school run in a yurt in Gweek. Erin and Ayla have also gone to a lovely playgroup at nearby Trannack School. Zelda School is applying to be a free school and could be starting Reception & Year One classes from this September! Hold thumbs!
  • Tara (the Golden Guernsey goat) has been scanned and only has one baby, which wriggles a lot now! She’s due in April
  • A compost loo has been fitted in the mobile home. It’s not a longdrop but a rather funky one that looks pretty similar to a normal loo. Basically, your wee goes in the front bit & poo in the back(2 separate compartments). We did have an incident where Erin used it for a number 2 without the child seat…meaning her bottom was too far forward….need I say more?!
  • Here are our feb and march to do lists for the veggie coop side of things, if anyone is interested what is going in where and when.  feb-to-do-list march-to-do-list If anyone is interested to follow goings on on the farm, have a look here
  • Julie has been training Molly the mule, and Erin has been on a little saddle on her back!!

Our sleeping arrangements have taken a bit of twist…Steven is on a mattress on the floor and Erin and Ayla in bed with me(Erin won’t sleep on the mattress).  I miss having Steven in bed with us but it works out well, we all get more sleep and Erin and Ayla aren’t distressed, worried, scared or alone in the night (Erin had been waking up in her own room crying really hard). I don’t like to sleep in a room on my own so why should they?! It’s lovely. I can breastfeed Ayla practically in my sleep. Steven often joins us but then gets kicked out in the night as Erin is so wriggly.  He comes in for cuddles in the morning and his mattress is right next to the bed so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  I find myself naturally becoming more of an attachment parent (which is the opposite to how I was brought up, so has been wonderful but I’ve needed to rewire my brain a bit). It does feel right.

Erin has gone back to breastfeeding every morning and night. She seems to be feeling a bit insecure again and I think she just wants to make sure I’m there for her. I have plenty of milk, so this is not a problem! I do love her! She is extra cuddly at the moment and it is rather nice! She’s started shouting when I talk to other people, she’s really fighting for my attention and I’m not sure what is the right way to deal with this, but I feel if I tell her off it is as good as me saying that her issues (whatever they are) are not important. So I am trying to be calm and patient and give her lots of unconditional love.

Ayla is still not mad about solids. Baby rice mixed with water is still the only mushy food she’ll eat. Every now and then she’ll have an Ellas organic baby food – fruit & veg. But she won’t tolerate them being mixed into her rice. So different to Erin who’d just eat anything and everything.  She eats finger foods but not enormous amounts, although she’ll sometimes get stuck into a risotto or something with her hands. Mess, glorious mess! 😉  However, I’m not worried as she’s still getting everything she needs from my milk and does not seem to be losing weight or anything! I’m taking lots of Floradix to  help keep my energy up and immune system strong.

I’m busy reading a wonderful book called “Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves”.  I’m learning a lot and I hope soon to post some quotes that have been helpful to me!

If you have anything to add, any tips, or if you’d like to share any birth or parenting stories, please email them to me on and perhaps they’ll make it onto the blog!

sharon xxx

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