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Amber breastfeeding beads April 17, 2011

Many mums have commented how they’d like an amber necklace similar to the baby teething necklaces.  Well here it is!

This Baltic amber necklace is the perfect accessory for the breastfeeding mum, giving older babies little hands something to play with while breastfeeding. The beads are knotted individually to prevent them from all coming off should it snap. Amber is a fossilized resin from the Baltic region, which releases an oil when against the skin and is known for it’s healing and pain relieving properties.  To buy or read more click here


The Modern Day Mother April 13, 2011

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baby in sling – check
save the gorillas – check
sustainable energy – check
natural non polluted setting – check
breastfeeding – check

All these things (except save the gorillas perhaps – more like love the goats, alpacas, dogs, cats, sheep & hens) are completely the norm to my little girl. How amazing that we can live this lifestyle!


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