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Breastfed babies are better behaved May 10, 2011

Here’s the clip that was on BBC radio 4 this morning.  A study involving 10 000 mothers and there babies was conducted by Oxford University. 6 percent of  breastfed babies compared to 16% of formula fed babies developed behavioral problems.

My first thought was that this was probably as much due to social/cultural conditions…for example, older and more wealthy mums tend to breastfeed and tend to be more educated as to what is best for babies, therefore the behavioral problems may be much more to do with social conditions than breastfeeding. According to the study these factors have all been taken into account and adjusted for, and the only reasons they can think of for the difference in behaviour is either something in breastmilk that formula doesn’t have (duh!) or the closeness breastfeeding provides (duh!)

So along with all the other health benefits we already know, is this. Obviously this is not to make those who cannot breastfeed feel guilty. But bear in mind, with the right support and perseverance the majority of women can overcome breastfeeding problems. Failing that there are milk banks available for premature babies, and now there is the fantastic FB group “Eats On Feets” , a site where you can donate and receive breastmilk, which gives those who can’t breastfeed an opportunity to still do the best for their babes.

Interesting! What are your thoughts?


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