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The Story of Stuff October 26, 2011

This film has inspired me and changed my perceptions greatly! I no longer shop unnecessarily, and I buy the vast majority of my clothes from jumble sales and charity shops. Take 22 minutes out of your life to watch this, and let me know what you think?!

If you are touched by this like I was please visit


2 Responses to “The Story of Stuff”

  1. Estele Says:

    Thanks Sharon – listened while ironing: informative! Here in Hatfield Herts we are onto the 3 wheelie-bin (plus inner container) – at 1st we balked at all the details of what, where. Later the council gave out easier-to-follow sorting, we read and practised and now it’s (almost) 2nd nature. The consumer-part, later in the video is FANTASTIC. How quickly the human race is trapped. Couldn’t help to ask, WHY do people shop till they drop – what drives them? It really smacks of trying to find fulfillment. Which leads on to a variety of other ways of finding earthly fulfillment outside the consumer trap. We are yet to find flawless fulfillment in this life, which, I believe, is soothed by heaven’s prospect of perfection. In the mean-time……..I’ve learned STACKS and are all for what you shared with us. If each one of us do our bit…..from us at home to the influential movers and shakers we may not get back to pristine A, but at least stem and retard our selfish destructive trend. Sorry for the long comment! xx

  2. My goodness, thanks for posting, it’s a real eyeopener………x

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