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Spare a thought for Miss Oestrogen Positive December 21, 2011

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While you’re enjoying your festivities, spare a thought for those with nothing and those who are suffering.

If you feel like supporting a good cause this Christmas I have a beautiful friend who is fighting cancer and is in a lot of pain. Here’s her blog

Donations are greatly appreciated so that she can have a go at some other treatments which could save her life – these treatments, unfortunately, cost a LOT of money! (you can read more about them on her blog)

Happy solstice, merry christmas and a blessed new year to all! xxx

If you would like to donate, here is how you can do it:

Bank Transfer:
Account name: Malina on a Mission
sort code 30-96-68
account number 25881568
IBAN: GB52LOYD30966825881568

I think this is enough information whether you are sending money from the UK or abroad.

You can send money through PayPal to


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