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Vaccination Talks with Dr Jayne Donegan coming to Cornwall August 26, 2013


Vaccination Lectures

With Dr Jayne Donegan


Redruth Community Centre, Foundry Row, Redruth,
Cornwall TR15 1 AN


Tuesday the 22nd of October 2013.


12noon – 2pm: ‘Supportive treatment of Childhood Illnesses’ – What do you do if you don’t Vaccinate (and also if you do)

7pm – 9pm:  ‘Vaccination – the Question’. 


Tickets are £11 each.  There are reductions for booking the whole day and for multiple bookings.

Email for any enquiries.

Book your place at


4 Responses to “Vaccination Talks with Dr Jayne Donegan coming to Cornwall”

  1. Concerned reader Says:

    I feel very strongly on this subject and do not want people to be misled, there is NO scientific debate about whether to vaccinate or not, There is stastical proof as to te effectiveness of vaccination. I will recommend the following links to read to help.
    and for a more general view
    and lastly
    Thank you

    • I would encourage you to come along to the talks and ask questions then, and to have a look at some of the articles that Dr Jayne Donegan has written The article called ‘The Doctors Dilemma’ is a good place to start.

      • Concerned reader Says:

        Not sure what there was to read in your link? there was a lot of talk, but no proof offered. The article would have been far stronger if it had backed up the claims with some hard facts. Sorry, but this just reinforces my abovelinks

      • If you read the Doctors Dilemma, you will see that there is proof offered. But why not come to the talk and find out for yourself! 🙂

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