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Buy amber teething necklaces May 10, 2011

Amber has been used for teething and pain relief for many years and is a wonderful natural alternative remedy for babies.

Amber is fossilized resin, and when in contact with warm skin releases healing oils with pain relieving and other therapeutic properties which are absorbed into the bloodstream. These are a fantastic natural alternative for teething babies. Amber is used for many ailments including arthritis, chronic pain and stomach problems. It is also used to increase energy, lift mood & calm…hence our gorgeous new amber necklaces for mums!

How do they work?  The active ingredient in amber is succinic acid which is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to stimulate neural system recovery and build the immune system, boost awareness, concentration and reflexes and reduce stress.

These beautiful necklaces are genuine Baltic Amber, hand crafted in Lithuania.  The baby necklaces are between 32 and 34cm in length, bracelets/anklets are 15cm, Child size necklaces are between 40 and 42cm and adult necklaces are between 48 and 55cm. Each bead is individually knotted to prevent them all spilling off should it break. The clasp is plastic – designed to release if pressure is applied.  Buy amber necklaces online HERE.  Prices starting at just £8.99 and FREE postage!

Butter coloured amber

Cognac coloured Amber

Rainbow Coloured Amber

Sunshine Coloured Amber


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