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Doula! The Ultimate Birth Companion May 9, 2014

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I have recently had the privilege of being invited to be a birth partner for a lovely friend of mine. As a result I have been researching what doula’s do in more detail – although I know what my wonderful doula did for me! I have just watched this film and felt the need to share it. It costs £1.99 to stream it online – very much worth it in my opinion!



Better late than never… April 25, 2014

This is a short and rather belated report on how our Winter Soltice celebration actually turned out…!

We indeed did most of the things we mentioned in my post about it here, but somehow – habit perhaps?- Christmas day turned out to be a slightly bigger day than Solstice. Solstice was very lovely, mind you – a few friends came over and we just about managed to get a fire going (need to plan better next year!)  Also, in the run up to Christmas the girls began obsessing about the dreaded Santa, and we felt so mean telling them that Santa wasn’t real that we totally played the Santa game (noooooooo!!!). We also stole an idea from a friend and had elves come visit every night to hide the advent chocolates on the weeks before Solstice…! They left very cute little poems with clues on – the girls were very excited. But somehow Santa wrote them a massive letter each on Christmas Day…and I’m really not sure how this happened or what we were thinking! I think it just shows how conditioned, or how much social pressure there is with regards to Christmas. Basically, we didn’t want our children to feel left out. When our kids find out that we were lying to them one day, will they mistrust us? Hahaha…well, a few lessons learned for next Christmas, and at the very least Solstice was celebrated too, so that’s definitely a good start.

I’m not sure we can now undo Santa, but perhaps we can tone him down massively again. I don’t think they really believe in Santa, I think they see him in a fantastical way – and in our house he brought mainly charity shop gifts.  The book we got about St Nicholas (the only good kids one we could find) took ages to come and when it did it was 100% Christian, and even a bit preachy…I literally spluttered over it when reading it to my kids, and only read it once! (If you know my history, you would understand why this is an issue for me…you can read more about this here.)

It was, however, wonderful to just spend lots of family time in our lovely little low impact home, and spend lots of special time with friends too. It was also amazing to notice how quickly the days seem to lengthen after the Solstice – we really notice things like that living the way we do.


Bird feeder we made as one of our advent activities – a half coconut shell, filled with peanut butter and topped with bird seed and meal worms!!! Lots of fun was had!

A much deserved cup of rooibos tea, after much wood chopping for our Solstice Fire!

A much deserved cup of rooibos tea, after much wood chopping for our Solstice Fire!

In other news, we have been very busy. At my one job – I work part time at Holifield Farm Project as a PA and event organiser –  I have been very busy organising Holifair Family Festival and Holifield Camping Weekend(a special needs event)!

When not at work I have been having fun with my kidlets, tidying, doing washing or creating a brand new website for my business, Nature’s Mother! I have had a couple of hiccups with my website – it was self designed (using my basic knowledge of dreamweaver) and was beginning to look a bit clunky, although still working. I used to create a new website. It was gorgeous looking but business went almost completely dead – probably due to it being a “Flash” website – more about this here if you’re interested ( I sell very gorgeous amber necklaces, in case you didn’t know!) So I have now created a WordPress site which has pretty much just gone live. I would appreciate any liking of my facebook page and sharing of my website you can do, to help get me noticed by the Search Engines again. If anyone would like their pregancy/parenting/baby related website added to my links page, I’d be happy to do so, but would appreciate a reciprocal link.

Nature's Mother Amber Nekclaces and Bracelets

Nature’s Mother Amber Nekclaces and Bracelets

Another bit of rather scary news is that my little boy fell(out of the loft – which is a play space) and fractured his skull!! Thankfully he is absolutely fine, but it scared the living daylights out of us and we desperately wanted to wrap him in cottonwool for the rest of his days. But he is a toughie – and a climber! There is no stopping him! He is also totally wonderful (as are my girls) – he is starting to copy our words and said his first mini sentence yesterday. He gets very worried about flying insects – of which there are an abundance here – and yesterday he covered his ears when a bumble bee came near and shrieked :”Dada, bumble!” Naaaw! I can’t believe my baby is talking! I went away to a wedding for 3 days a few weeks back and thought that that may mark the end of our breastfeeding journey, but no! He is most certainly still my boobie monster!


Leander Byron Leaf

For Erin’s birthday back in March we did a trip to London – I’ll save that for another blog! The apple orchard below our house is bursting into blossom and it is feeling gorgeous and springy – we are very lucky to live where we do! Happy Spring to all my Northern Hemisphere followers, and happy autumn to the rest of you! May happiness be with you!


apple buds about to blossom



My New Website… March 3, 2014

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I have a brand sparkly new website. Have a squiz and let me know what you think! Here is an interesting little film on how amber forms amber


I jinxed it… December 7, 2013

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I thought I should update you with the truth! Last month I posted about The end of an era. I said “…this may be the beginning of the days where I am not awake breastfeeding all night.” Well, I can confirm – it wasn’t! In fact in the last few nights I feel like I have been woken up every 10 minutes!  Now before anyone feels sorry for me, I feel that I should point out that even though I am thoroughly shattered (and should have gone to bed with the kids!), it is not all bad. My days of snuggling my little boy at night, undisturbed, are numbered and I do actually really treasure this time. He is still in bed with me, so it is pretty easy for me to just roll over and feed him when I am exhausted. I have tried sleeping with the girls, but he knows when I’m in the house and cries for me (even toddles through the dark looking for me…bless!).

However, I can now go out in the evenings…I even slept over at a friends house and he is totally fine when I am not there, and Erin and Ayla ADORE feeding him a bottle of oatley and snuggling him to sleep (something that he won’t do if I’m around). I, on the other hand, feel a little bit like a teenager having a chance to leave the house in the evening…something I have don’t think I have done once (without having a child with me) in the last 6 years! I even went to out with a friend to see the lovely Martha Tilston sing …woooo!

Hubby & I are going to try to go out to see a film next week. WITHOUT any children, for the first time in over 14 months! Wish us luck!

My Amazing Children!! 🙂


To all my friends with kids…and those without…

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This is too funny not to share! Enjoy! 🙂


A few lovely family photos… November 9, 2013

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little walking  boy Leander, Steven & Ayla Erin & I Me & the girls


The end of an era… November 2, 2013

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This past week some lovely friends offered for us to use their house while we were away. As a complete contradiction to my previous post – I really enjoyed the creature comforts and am very grateful that all of our friends don’t live like us 🙂 We enjoyed hot baths and heating that came on at the flip of a switch. We had the choice of a dishwasher or washing dishes in hot water! The girls remained glued to the telly for the entire time.

I always find it quite funny because people try to communicate with my girls while a telly is on and they don’t respond. Sometimes people think they are being rude – but they are just totally and utterly absorbed in it.   We have a telly in our house but no aerial, so we can only watch dvd’s – and we tend to do much more playing than dvd’s so it’s a bit of a novelty. With the amount of adverts on tv I can only say that I am VERY happy with our choice. Erin started by saying, ‘wow mom, look that’s cool’ to every bit of plastic that was advertised – until I pointed out that they were all plastic. She, like I, knows where plastic eventually ends up. You only need to take a walk on a local beach, hear news like this or watch something like this. Very soon everytime an ad came on we’d be sitting there saying ‘plastic’, ‘more plastic’, ‘even more plastic’.  She gets it and she really cares about the earth and it’s creatures.  She would sacrifice her desire for a pink princess castle(or whatever), because she knows that in the end it is not going to do anyone good. I’m really proud of her! She also knows she can create her own games from all sorts of things, using a bit of imagination, and her and Ayla are very good at doing this kind of thing together (when they’re not fighting!) This is not to say we are not guilty of contributing to the plastic infestation – we do do plastic – but we’d like not to.

Anyway, I digress! What I really wanted to talk about it the end of an era with my little boy. He is almost 14 months old now and has just started walking. I have been breastfeeding (almost exclusively) for the last 14 months and plan to continue for as long as he wants it. The thing is, unlike the girls, he was showing very little interest in solid food (in any form…) and was feeding what felt like all night, every night.  I was/am constantly exhausted and therefore not the happiest person to be around. I am really for going with babies natural rhythm and am 100% pro feeding on demand, and extended breastfeeding, but I got the point where I had to weigh up whether I continued as I was – or reduced night feeds and perhaps became less exhausted and a better mother as a result.

When my friend said we could use her house while they were away it just seemed like the perfect opportunity…I decided to have an evening of one-to-one with each of my girls, using Oliver James’ love-bombing technique(something I’ve wanted to do for ages), and to see how Leander would cope without nighttime boobie(inspired by a friend who recently did something similar). Hubby was willing to have the other daughter and little Leander.  Leander has always refused a bottle – even with breast milk – he will play with it, but that’s it. I was so nervous and feeling so guilty about leaving Leander that I nearly changed my mind several times and it almost ruined my evening with the girls. But I know that hubby is a very capable and wonderful dad who is very close to him, and I made him PROMISE to call me if Leander cried (properly), and I’d come home.

I called late evening to find out that Leander was drinking Oatly happily from a bottle (!!) and that he’d been looking around for me but hadn’t cried. He is an amazing little boy and is quite used to being with hubby without me, when I’m at work. He woke up every 40 minutes the first night, and hubby got an idea of how exhausted I usually am. He drank a bit of milk the first couple of times and cuddled up to hubby and went back to sleep the other times, but at 2am he did throw a little tantrum. He screamed, kicked his legs and wouldn’t let hubby touch him, but thankfully this lasted less than 5 minutes and then he cuddled back into hubby and went back to sleep (we co-sleep). I went back at 7am and gave him a big feed and cuddle.

On the second night, Leander didn’t cry – not once. He slept for much longer periods and when he did wake, it was just to make sure daddy was there. He cuddled in and went straight back to sleep, no problems. I was really surprised – I thought this was going to be much harder.

Last night we all slept at our friends house but I slept with the girls and Leander hardly woke at all the whole night. His appetite for solids has increased massively, and although I feel a bit guilty about this and a bit like I’ve rushed him, it is a huge relief and I am already feeling less tired. I have been breastfeeding for the past 5 and a half years (except for 6 months whilst I was pregnant with Leander) and don’t get me wrong, it is wonderfully rewarding, my kids are blooming healthy and I absolutely love it, but it is exhausting.

So it is with both happiness and a certain sense of loss that I am moving into the next era. We are not having anymore kids, so this may be the beginning of the days where I am not awake breastfeeding all night. This just may be the beginning of days when I will not have a baby permanently on my boob. I feel sad, and I will miss it very much. But I also look forward to being a more energised and better mum. Here’s hoping anyway.

And this is all thanks to my lovely friends, without whom we would probably not had a chance to try this out for ages. Erin and Ayla really enjoyed the love-bombing too – I will save the details of that for another post…



Kids & food… September 18, 2013

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I so seldom blog because I feel that I don’t have the time…so I’m going to make my posts tiny!

Yesterday, my five year old informed me that food at school is better than food at home. She goes to Zelda School – so this is no real surprise although I did feel slightly disappointed! What am I going to do about this? Get Zelda Schools recipes and do a slightly different rotation of their meals. Maybe they will stay at the table during mealtime like they do at Zelda School too! Wish us luck!


Vaccination Talks with Dr Jayne Donegan coming to Cornwall August 26, 2013


Vaccination Lectures

With Dr Jayne Donegan


Redruth Community Centre, Foundry Row, Redruth,
Cornwall TR15 1 AN


Tuesday the 22nd of October 2013.


12noon – 2pm: ‘Supportive treatment of Childhood Illnesses’ – What do you do if you don’t Vaccinate (and also if you do)

7pm – 9pm:  ‘Vaccination – the Question’. 


Tickets are £11 each.  There are reductions for booking the whole day and for multiple bookings.

Email for any enquiries.

Book your place at


Is your amber teething necklace fake or real? July 3, 2013

There are lots of fake amber necklaces on the market. Some are plastic and some are Copal (immature resin).  If you want the soothing effects of the succinic acid, you need the real deal.

Here are a few ways to test if amber is real:

  1. Drip a few drops of acetone (nail polish remover) on the amber.  If the amber goes slightly sticky, or the acetone takes on the colour of the amber – your amber is almost definitely not real.
  2. Try burn your amber (I’m guessing you won’t want to do this on a lovely new necklace!) It will burn like incense and let off a wonderful piney smell. Copal will melt but smell similar to amber. Plastic will melt and smell like chemicals.
  3. I found a wonderful video on youtube to demonstrate this one…enjoy!!

Here at Nature’s Mother you’ll find some genuine beautiful amber necklaces. The baby necklaces are between 31 and 35cm in length, bracelets about 10cm, and each bead is individually knotted to prevent them all spilling off should it break. The adult necklaces are around 50cm in length.


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