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How amber forms! January 28, 2015

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This is interesting!


Natural ways to calm a fussy or teething baby! December 20, 2012

Some ideas for calming a fussy baby:

  • Get an amber teething necklace. Amber is a resin and works by releasing succinic acid, with it’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, onto warm skin.  Have a look at our lovely genuine Baltic amber necklaces here.
  • Get some Nelsons Teetha – homeopathic camommila for teething.
  • Wear baby in a soft comfy sling – babes love being close to mum or dads hearts. Choose a sling or carrier that spreads babies weight evenly over both your shoulders and has a support across the lower back (You can join your local slingmeet to test a few)
  • Sing…babies don’t care if it’s off key, they love the sound of your voice
  • Rock, pat, dance, talk gently
  • Breastfeed -and don’t worry -babies can’t overfeed on the breast!
  • Take baby for a walk (my three are complete nature babies, they nearly always settle when we take them outdoors)
  • Drink chamomile’ll soothe your frazzled nerves, and if you’re breastfeeding it’ll work it’s magic on bubba too! (buying it loose leaf from a health food shop is cheapest, and you can get the quantity right – a teaspoon per cup)
  • Put a pot of chamomile tea in baby’s bath. Being in water can also be comforting and soothing.
  • Burn a couple of drops of lavender oil in an oil burner, or put a couple of drops in babys bath
  • Gentle baby massage, if baby likes it!
Do you have anymore natural tips?


Gorgeous handmade amber baby teething necklaces May 11, 2011

Check out Nature’s Mothers new stock of beautiful handmade baltic amber teething necklaces!  Aren’t they gorgeous?  Buy online here


Handmade floating amber necklace – beautiful & therapeutic! May 9, 2011

How about that dressy necklace for those special nights out?  Three strands of delicate multi-coloured genuine amberbeads float on fine lines of golden tiger tail. The benefits of amber extend beyond teething necklaces for babies. Amber is a resin which releases pain relieving properties (Succinic acid) when in contact with skin and is used for many ailments including arthritis, chronic pain and stomach problems. It is also used to increase energy, lift mood & calm. Click here to view shop

handmade floating amber necklace


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