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Spare a thought for Miss Oestrogen Positive December 21, 2011

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While you’re enjoying your festivities, spare a thought for those with nothing and those who are suffering.

If you feel like supporting a good cause this Christmas I have a beautiful friend who is fighting cancer and is in a lot of pain. Here’s her blog

Donations are greatly appreciated so that she can have a go at some other treatments which could save her life – these treatments, unfortunately, cost a LOT of money! (you can read more about them on her blog)

Happy solstice, merry christmas and a blessed new year to all! xxx

If you would like to donate, here is how you can do it:

Bank Transfer:
Account name: Malina on a Mission
sort code 30-96-68
account number 25881568
IBAN: GB52LOYD30966825881568

I think this is enough information whether you are sending money from the UK or abroad.

You can send money through PayPal to


My brave friend September 5, 2011

I have a totally inspirational and beautiful friend called Malina. Her gorgeous son Aaron is at Zelda School with Erin & she lives in Helston with her son and husband, Bob.  In 2010 she overcame breast cancer, but a few months ago she found another lump in her breast and was found to have malignant tumours in her breast & liver.  She is having chemotherapy…she currently has 3 left (1 per week) until her next assessment.  The NHS covers the chemotherapy.

She is also on the Budwig Plan, which is a diet where she eats mainly raw foods, drinks fresh organic homemade juices(which involve LOTS of fresh organic veg & fruit), and has loads of flax seed oil. She goes to Germany for Dendritic Cell vaccinations and hypothermia treatments. She has also had Vitamin C injections, and other alternative treatments.  Basically, she is doing everything in her power to beat this thing!  You can read more about all of this on her blog

The diet and treatments are not covered by the NHS, and all cost lots of money (nevermind the travelling to have some of the treatments).  If you would like to get involved in fundraising for Malina, join the facebook group Fighting for Miss Oestrogen Positive or you can send money to her on paypal( I also have bank details for anyone interested.   Please help my lovely friend get better!

Malina with her juicer! (photo nicked from her blog!)


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