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Spring tonic January 12, 2013

Ok, so it’s not quite spring, but there are definitely signs of it on the horizon.  And with spring comes new colds and coughs.  Here is the perfect antidote… I made it originally with Jane from Nature Workshops, it is her recipe.

Collect equal quantities of:
nettles (the freshest, greenest leaves) – for your kidneys
cleavers(also known as goose grass – also freshest bits) – for your chest/lungs
dandelions (leaves only, preferably of ones that haven’t flowered yet) – liver/gallbladder
dock leaves (freshest greenest leaves) -blood

I collect a shopping bag full of each.

Rinse, put in a pot with a little water(about an inch) in the bottom, and put on low heat for about 15 minutes. (Don’t boil!) Leave to cool and gently squeeze water out of the plants. Throw away leaves and mix the ‘planty’ water with honey (or molasses for extra iron kick).  Mix a pint of the water to a pound of the sweetener of choice… bottle and take about 2 tablespoons a day.  Drink within a month – although probably keeps longer in the fridge.

AKA Goose grass


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