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Christmas gifts for preggie ladies & babies December 9, 2010

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Our amber teething necklaces make wonderful Christmas, christening or baby shower gifts for new babies(and for mum – easing pain and soothing symptoms of teething.) Check them out here.

Beautiful natural pregnancy products available here. Spoil a pregnant lady this christmas!!! l

merry merry to all!!!


au natural… December 5, 2010

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I just looked up the definition of au natural and I’m chuckling:

natural look or state. typically used for women that aren’t wearing makeup or haven’t had any cosmetic surgery.

Well it’s worse than that with me, or better, depending on how you look at it! Not only do I seldom where make-up but I no longer use shampoo or conditioner and I use bicarbonate of soda as deodorant!

The reasons are several…for health, for the environment and perhaps a bit of rebellion against medias lies and social conditioning (ie. woman are only beautiful if they use Pantene, wear shed loads of make-up, etc etc)

Health: Although you do get nice shampoos & conditioners that do not have chemical nasties (Faith in Nature is my favourite), they’re not very cheap and they still take a lot of effort/plastic/oil to make, bottle and transport.  And I have discovered for myself that my washing hair with water only has allowed it to regain it’s natural oils which keep it glossy and clean…it does not smell or look dirty (although it did from about week 4 to week 7-look dirty, that is). My scalp does not seem to be in a bad way either, which is something I was warned of. It does need a trim though! Here’s an article about an executive in London who stopped using shampoo

Underarm deodorants are full of aluminium, which has been found in breast tissue of breast cancer patients. There are many other chemicals in deo’s too. Your skin is one big sponge – hence nicotine & contraceptive patches working. What you put on it, goes in it! You get nice natural ones, but they often have a form of aluminium in them too, and are expensive. Bicarb is cheap and you just brush it under your arms after your wash/bath, and it neutralizes odours without clogging pores. If you can eat it, you can put it on your body!

Environment: Have a look at this video on The Story of Stuff if you want an insight into just how much goes into making all the stuff that the media convinces us we need. (Be warned – it’s a life-changing video – and may make you hesitate before spending loads of cash on xmas!)  And think of all the water I’ve used washing my hair unnecessarily(although I still wash my hair with water – not as often as I had to with shampoo), not to mention the time wasted!

And the third point is self explanatory! You only have to watch 10 minutes of TV to realise how we are bombarded with adverts telling us that we are not good/beautiful/sexy enough unless we buy their products…consumerism bull!!

By the way, if you want pure, natural pregnancy & baby products click here 😉


Eco Fair tomorrow!!

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Nature’s Mother has a stall at the Helston Christmas Fair tomorrow. It’s at the Guildhall from 9am – 2.30pm! Please come pay us a visit if you’re in the area!


We came second in the water birth competition!!! December 3, 2010

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Check it out!


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