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Yay! My amber teething necklaces are now available at health food shops!!!! August 18, 2011

My gorgeous amber teething necklaces and amber necklaces for adults are now available in the Natural Stores in Helston & Falmouth, as well as Archie Browns in Truro. Watch this space, they will soon be easily available all over (I hope)!

There are many reports of amber helping to relieve many conditions in adults, including arthritis, headaches, injuries, muscular aches and pains, stress and much more.  Succinic acid, which is absorbed into warm skin, is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and reduces teething pain and other symptoms associated with teething in babies.

I have had some such exciting feedback on the teething necklaces, of babies who’s eczema has cleared up, asthma reduced and have reduced crying and discomfort noticeably!  It’s no wonder really that resin from ancient forests should be healing! Nature is amazing!

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Top reasons to get a sling! August 11, 2011

I can honestly say that I think I’d be a terribly frustrated mum if I didn’t have my baby carriers!  You do not have to get the most expensive, or even buy them new.  Here is an excellent babywearing swap group where I got both my sling and my carrier second hand. You can even join your local Sling Meet and try a selection of different slings before deciding what to buy. Here are some top reasons to sling your baba:

  • Baby loves nothing more than being close to you.
  • In a sling baby can hear the heartbeat it has known throughout pregnancy.
  • A sling reduces crying and reflux/colic symptoms
  • There’s no trying to get awkward prams through shop doors or over bumpy ground
  • You can keep up with your other child, and hold his/her hand, no stress
  • You can still do household jobs using both hands!
  • Your heartbeat helps regulate baby’s heartbeat
  • Baby’s temperature is regulated and feels safe and calm closer to your body
  • You can breastfeed on the move
  • Your partner, family or friends have an opportunity to carry and be close to your baby too
My most common question now is: does your back not ache?  Honest answer, no!  If you get a good sling that balances the weight over both shoulders and supports your lower back, you should not get backache! Especially if you are carrying baby from when they are tiny, as you build the muscles you need to carry them as they grow.

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